Apr 272012
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Welcome to my Top 15 iPad2 Games video for 2011. This is my personal taste and I included all genres. Also I am sorry for bad play on some parts, it was a bit hard to hold iPad2 below the camera centered whole time and play games ;) I recorded game playing with my Sony HDR-XR105E camera and created intro animation in Adobe After Effects & full video mix in Adobe Premiere. Intro music is part from one of my favorite PsyTrance songs: Fatali – Flip (Atomic Pulse Remix) This is my Top 15 iPad Games of 2011 (Quick Version) with App Store links: 15. Foosball HD – by Illusion Labs itunes.apple.com 14. NYZombies – by Foursaken Media itunes.apple.com 13. Race After 1977 – by Xpect Games itunes.apple.com 12. Virtual Table Tennis HD – by SenseDevil Games itunes.apple.com 11. Giana Sisters HD – by bad monkee itunes.apple.com 10. Bowmaster HD – by iOccam itunes.apple.com 9. Dungeon Hunter 2 HD – by Gameloft itunes.apple.com 8. Where’s My Water? – by Disney itunes.apple.com 7. Zombie Infection HD – by Gameloft itunes.apple.com 6. Tweens HD – by Kokakiki LLC tinyurl.com 6. Tweens (iPhone & iPod Touch versions) – by Kokakiki LLC tinyurl.com 5. SHADOWGUN – by MADFINGER Games, as itunes.apple.com 4. Dead Space™ for iPad – by Electronic Arts itunes.apple.com 3. Gangstar Rio: City of Saints – by Gameloft itunes.apple.com 2. NOVA 2 – Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance HD – by Gameloft itunes.apple.com 1. Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation – by Gameloft itunes.apple.com If you like this video and would

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  25 Responses to “The Best 15 iPad Games (2011) HD”

  1. tts what i was about to say

  2. Number 10 has minecraft bow sound

  3. lovely review video video!!

    Gotta Love the New Ipad. Personally, I think this tablet is the best on the market and this review is even better. Nice Review!

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  6. Foos ball!

  7. Dead space rules !!!

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  9. Awesome video! I subbed :D I make tech videos too, check out my channel?

  10. the modern combat 3 looks like modern warfare 3

  11. nice vid man!!

  12. you forgot the zero

  13. i liked it because modern combat is no 1..hehe

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  15. hey on nova 2, did you know you can kill those things with a single rocket if shoot correctly?

  16. И’м глад у лике ит :)

  17. Agree… But then it would be Top 16 :)

  18.  c супер)

  19. i have number 4 2 1 all awesome!!!

  20. Games that shouldn’t be in there. Goddamn fillers all.

    Foosball. (Speaks for itself.) That gay-ass ping pong. Mario… I mean Giana Brothers. (ok, sisters, but WTF.) Bowmaster-finger. (Like, really?) Where’s My Water? Tweens. HALOL 2.

    NOVA 2 sucks because it plays like the retard (distant) cousin of HALO. The rest of the other filler titles shouldn’t be included because they look too much like Flash games that you wouldn’t want to play on Windows.

    You should’ve included dream:scape.

  21. Six Guns is a really good western game for ipad and ipod touch!

  22. i think over 90% watched this from the iPad ;)

  23. You forgot Real Racing 2 !!

  24. lmao its still good damn don’t be such an asshole, i’d rather have anything as close to mario than nothing at all

  25. simply google for: freeipad2giveaways.info for free ipads

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