Apr 252012

Subscribe! www.youtube.com Amber discusses the upsides and down sides of the Verizon iPhone 4 and how it compares to AT&T. Is it worth switching over to Verizon for the iPhone 4, or should you wait until the evil empire releases #5? Get Amber’s Spirit of Japan Tank Top on CafePress: www.cafepress.com Gadget Girl on Facebook: www.facebook.com Gadget Girl on Twitter: www.twitter.com E-mail Gadget Girl: gadgetgirlshow@gmail.com Gadget Girl is a Bi-Weekly Tech and Gadget show featuring the latest news, break throughs, and all things awesome. The show stars Amber Lee (Obama Girl), our resident gadget nerd. TAGS: “amber lee” verizon iphone “iphone 5″ att&t “green tip” “green tips” recycling “recycle electronics” “electronics recycling” “money for gadgets” “old gadgets” gadget “gadget girl” tech “social good” “obama girl” “barely political” “key of awesome” “make money”