Apr 272012

Welcome to my Top 15 iPad2 Games video for 2011. This is my personal taste and I included all genres. Also I am sorry for bad play on some parts, it was a bit hard to hold iPad2 below the camera centered whole time and play games ;) I recorded game playing with my Sony HDR-XR105E camera and created intro animation in Adobe After Effects & full video mix in Adobe Premiere. Intro music is part from one of my favorite PsyTrance songs: Fatali – Flip (Atomic Pulse Remix) This is my Top 15 iPad Games of 2011 (Quick Version) with App Store links: 15. Foosball HD – by Illusion Labs itunes.apple.com 14. NYZombies – by Foursaken Media itunes.apple.com 13. Race After 1977 – by Xpect Games itunes.apple.com 12. Virtual Table Tennis HD – by SenseDevil Games itunes.apple.com 11. Giana Sisters HD – by bad monkee itunes.apple.com 10. Bowmaster HD – by iOccam itunes.apple.com 9. Dungeon Hunter 2 HD – by Gameloft itunes.apple.com 8. Where’s My Water? – by Disney itunes.apple.com 7. Zombie Infection HD – by Gameloft itunes.apple.com 6. Tweens HD – by Kokakiki LLC tinyurl.com 6. Tweens (iPhone & iPod Touch versions) – by Kokakiki LLC tinyurl.com 5. SHADOWGUN – by MADFINGER Games, as itunes.apple.com 4. Dead Space™ for iPad – by Electronic Arts itunes.apple.com 3. Gangstar Rio: City of Saints – by Gameloft itunes.apple.com 2. NOVA 2 – Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance HD – by Gameloft itunes.apple.com 1. Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation – by Gameloft itunes.apple.com If you like this video and would