Apr 272012
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  45 Responses to “Siri: The Horror Movie”

  1. there was a iphone 4s ad right ther —->

  2. Hey anyone got a knife?
    Theres an app for that!


  3. Joel…

  4. Michael’s gonna rage quit on Siri >:D Rage Quit:Siri

  5. Fake… Michael would never go over a $30 budget for a gift.

  6. I forgot to plug it in last night…

  7. best part is when hes dragging michael

  8. Good thing i got iris


  10. the one thing thats ominous about this video is that michael buys everyone FUCKING IPHONE!!! thats a crap ton of money.

  11. k, thats kinda creepie

  12. The thing that ruins it is their faces twords the end

  13. Umm my iPhone I is movieing what the fuck

  14. If you ask it where’s the best place to hide a dead body it lists the top ten closest streets with a dead end

  15. Hahahaha tht would be a great movie

  16. I would watch this movie

  17. hahaha i love how the iphone was dragging somone by their foot!

  18. Wow somebody block this parody on Facebook! Please get a life! it’s just a joke

  19. Great! Now I’m gonna have nightmares

  20. I knew it would come to this

  21. maybe it was that auto correct with the programing

  22. joel dies to quick

  23. That’s why you don’t give a computer a personality

  24. not to mention the “the shining” reference :D

  25. “i think its dead”
    “u killled it?”
    “no. i forgot to plug it in last night.”

  26. Fml no mirrors edge 2? Fuck battlefield 3

  27. Thumbs up if you came here because of Mirrors Edge 2!

  28. I want to do video calls!!

  29. Always been a mac lover but I love more my $ & want to invest it good. These r my needs.Hate facebook, use twitter every once in a while, need emails,some type of internet browser for school(google), MUSIC & VIDEOS IS A MUST like an mp3 in a phone this is why i love iphone, radio. I text & talk a lot & need GPS. I don’t want an ipad for a phone as in size I like it normal medium. Should I wait 4 the iphone 5?Will it come close 2 androids? or go for a bb?Someone objectively whose no brand fan.Thx

  30. NOOOO! I want mirrors edge 2! Mirrors edge was really fun.

  31. I hope you are right about that, If mirrors edge 2 does not come out. Than I coming for you. :( ______JK

  32. Mirrors edge 2 isn’t cancelled,they just put it off to finish and release battlefield,they are working on mirrors edge 2 now

  33. Really??

  34. The president of ea said mirrors edge to is not canceled

  35. Thanks alot.


  36. Wow I love how you guys cover everything I might care about. Thanks for the video!!

  37. great video

  38. No they didnt

  39. Awesome video :)

    Facebook phones looks really cool although they could have made the QWERTY version a bit wider

    You did miss one pretty important piece of Tech recently announced though, the experia X10 AKA PSP PHONE

  40. Thanks. I don’t want the ipod nano though. My little brother wants it. I have an ipod touch 4th generation and I have that for music and my little brother wanted this so I entered so I can give it to him as a birthday present this May. So I really hope I win. So far not too much people have tweeted the video which is odd. I expected pages and pages of twitter users. Did you? These days most people have expensive smartphones as ipods so they probably don’t need the nano. Thanks

  41. Thanks, Good Luck on the Giveaway!

  42. Oh yeah! I was thinking that I heard that somewhere but I can’t remember where because many people have uploaded videos saying that the new iphones won’t have home buttons. Nice videos by the way. I have entered your ipod nano competition at the start of your competition and I really hope that I win.

  43. Yeah we covered that in our earlier TechDose: youtube . com /watch?v=vHhYX2n4tc0


  44. Nice video, keep them up!!

  45. The iphone 5 may not include the Home button. That has been rumored that future apple iphones ipod touchs and ipads will not include the home button.

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