Apr 242012
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  22 Responses to “iPhone 5 PICTURES?!”

  1. i would highly recommend getting a android to my friends and family.
    pay up the money and get a decent phone
    yeah android has some shitty phones by a company that rhymes with rahamshang but there are really good phones like the razor max and the new htc one x and one v

  2. keep pressing 1 :D

  3. Moron

  4. Look bitch if I wanted to fucking see ads I’ll be still watching tv

  5. i got an android for my birthday
    and my retarded cousin got an iphone

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  7. Itroll acknowledged
    I can definetly afford it, actually I like value for my money, I don’t like to buy a $1000 product which costs $200 to manufacture just to show off to society that I am an Isheep.
    I like freedom and things like 4G

  8. can’t afford an iPhone.. haha :D okey

  9. iPhone definitely iPhone 5 when t comes out

  10. Amen!

  11. No neck fat fuck u need to stop eating cold cuts….it’s oozing out from the pores of ur cheeks

  12. Fucking annoying face. I wan’t to kick ur face because it’s like kicking an ass.

  13. I always recommend iPhone!!! XD

  14. Does anyone think this pic makes the iPhone 5 look like the Magic Mouse?

  15. yea…..31 here.

  16. iPhone 4s is the best phone ever!!!!!!!

  17. Android :( but iOS the best;)

  18. i phone

  19. ios bitches !!!!!

  20. i think iOS is aimed at people who are less familier with computers and tech, and android is for people who have more experience with computers and tech. As a geek myself, i found that iOS was very limiting and too simple, and andriod iis very advanced and open

  21. i phone 4s

  22. Android for me ofcourse, but I feel that IOS for them is still to much
    so much capabilities will go untapped
    Thell probably just have it to call and play angry birds … waste of good money

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