Apr 242012
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This is the thirty-sixth episode of my series titled “BestTechInfo And Rumors”! Links to the articles discussed in this episode: 1. Apple could be the world’s first trillion dollar company: www.besttechinfo.com 2. Apple becomes the world’s most valuable company, again: www.besttechinfo.com 3. iPhone 5 concept based on case leaks: www.besttechinfo.com 4. Apple’s A6 processor won’t be available until 2012: www.besttechinfo.com 5. Apple will unveil the iPhone 4S in September (and maybe the iPhone 5): www.besttechinfo.com 6. (Very) Fake iPhone 5 unboxing: www.besttechinfo.com 7. Every iPhone 5 rumor in one video (by NoWhereElse): www.besttechinfo.com 8. How to easily tweak OS X Lion using Lion Tweaks: www.besttechinfo.com Like my Facebook for more updates and interactions: on.fb.me Follow all of the Twitter accounts listed below to get updated more often: Me: twitter.com BestTechInfo’s official Twitter: twitter.com Brandon Flude (he writes for BestTechInfo occasionally): twitter.com

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  25 Responses to “iPhone 5 & iPhone 4S Rumors, A6 Processor News, Nintendo Games For iDevices & More”

  1. okay just watch his videos makes me wanna go from owning just an iphone 4 to owning more apple products. ONA i was thinking of getting a ipad2 this summer…should i wait? for the ipad3?
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  3. Japan?! Really dude, these knockoffs come from china!

  4. if u press 6 continoulsy realllly very fast then u can hear that he says F**k F**k :D

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  18. it was that I think your news is a little to much apple news its not a problem really, but I like it better when their is more variation in your show…:)

  19. first of all I am not saying that I don’t like the way he tells news I’m was saying how much of it is apple news and I like that. iCu is my second source for all apple news next to macrumors, so fuck you and stop being such a fucking fanboy it was only a fucking comment…

  20. Omfg!! Apple are looking for iPhone 5 testers!! link:
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  21. just a heads up: theres a sweepstakes u can enter at iphone5prize.info.ms for free ^_^

  22. if you dont like his video then get off :P

  23. well since is channel is about apple i don’t see the problem actually thats why i just subscribed

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  25. are you stupid? the knockoffs are in CHINA not japan

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