Apr 242012
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This video is showing an iPhone 5 concept from April 2012. This is a New iPhone concept design which shows a 4 inch display and a rectangular home button. This concept design was created by a Mac 9To5 Reader named spencer Source: www.todaysiphone.com
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Finally the iPhone 5 announcement date has been revealed, and no not by Apple just yet, but by a very reliable source. Watch to find out when. Plus, it’s Wednesday, so you guys know we like to get a little wacky here on AppAdvice Daily. Today we are featuring two awesomely wacky apps that will keep you occupied and blow your mind all at the same time.
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  11 Responses to “IPHONE 5 CONCEPT APRIL 2012 – The New iPhone Concept design 2012 – 4 Inch Display!”

  1. that akinator blew my mind

  2. DON’T cut your hair. It’s been wonderful watching it grow out, and you are so cute with short hair. . . but beautiful with long.

  3. Love ur channel, any app review of any hood RPG games? Lookin for a good app to keep me busy for a few hours

  4. cut your hair

  5. You curled your hair! :) it looks nice!

  6. 13 days!!!! I can wait its just that isn’t 13 a bad luck number?

  7. Hot female!

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  11. Thanks good info can’t wait for the new iPhone!

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