Apr 192012

In two weeks’ time, the next flagship Android device from Samsung could make an official appearance under the name of Galaxy S III.
The South Korean mobile phone maker has set up a press event on May 3rd, and with this occasion the successor of Galaxy S II is expected to make an official appearance. Unfortunately, the handset vendor hasn’t provided official details on what will be announced on that day, which left room for a lot of speculation on the matter. The latest reports on this suggest that we’ll indeed see Galaxy S III launched on May 3rd, and that it will be an Android smartphone, powered by a quad-core application processor.
This also means that it will be capable of great performance, and this is exactly what a source told The Verge: "Expect superlative benchmark performance."

While specific details on the CPU inside Galaxy S III were not unveiled, it was somehow expected for Samsung to make sure that the phone will live up to the promise.

Chances are that it will arrive with the faster Exynos 5250, and not with the Exynos 4412 processor that was packed inside Meizu’s MX smartphone, though this might be only a wild guess.
However, there are also those who claim that May 3rd will bring to the spotlight a handset meant to be only a minor upgrade for Galaxy S II. Rumor has it that Samsung might launch the new Galaxy device only with enhancements comparable to those iPhone 4S included, when compared to its predecessor.

There should be increased power efficiency and a series of new features packed with the device, along with a new, larger design, but no outstanding changes.
Considering the fact that Samsung has promised a successor for Galaxy S II for the first half of this year, we would rather hope that Galaxy S III will deliver the increase in performance that it has been long rumored to include.

via Galaxy S III Almost Confirmed with Quad-Core, Impressive Performance – Softpedia.

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